Inevitable Hypocrisy

The blissful innocence of youth is something that most people took for granted growing up. I believe every person on this planet shares the same regret of rushing through childhood, no matter how their life ended up. Adolescence, for most, is a time lacking responsibilities, and it is most certainly a time of experimentation. I mean, I don’t know about some of you but for myself and many others I can assume that we all might as well have had lab kits or full on laboratories.

Hell, there was a kid who was smoking pot in grammar school. We were in the fourth grade, so, we were seven or eight years old, I’m sorry I don’t know the exact age, but yeah, fucked. It’s a funny thing though, last I heard someone was experimenting on that kids asshole in a cell. I was actually really happy to hear he was doing so well, you gotta shoot for the stars ya know, but anyway, the point is many kids try to enter the portal to the realm of adulthood, with no concern for the fact that it is nothing like anything anyone thinks it to be.

I mean really, what is so great about being an adult, legally being able to drink or drive? Where’s the fun in that if you can’t even do them at the same time? I’m not saying I support drinking and driving, but I am saying that you can go shit in your hat with conformity. That’s all being an adult really is, adhering to the everyday rules and regulations that the whichever government rules over you instills as the laws of their land.

The sad fact is, as a kid, we are blind to the harsh truth that is reality. Unless you claim to be one of those boy- genius motherfuckers, who knew everything except what it felt like to get a nice tug, you had no fucking idea what it actually meant to be an adult and if you ask me those kids can go suck themselves off. One of the most unfortunate truths that we find out as we get older is that almost every adult you met in your life as a kid is a liar. My parents were the biggest liars of them all, and many people probably have similar accusations with the exception of those brought up in a religious home, in which, if that’s your case, then it’s time to get on your knees, suck Satan silly and live a little Ezekiel.

I had a babysitter my parents used and that toothless cocksucker lives in a crack rock shaped like an igloo down in Florida. Is that insane or what? I know it is, and luckily she wasn’t on hard drugs at the time my parents employed her otherwise my thought process might be more fucked up than it already is. I honestly had no idea the girl’s life hit the shitter till I was like seventeen. I also found out my dad had a bit of a drug problem prior to and during the early days of my childhood, despite all the times threatening to wedge his foot in my ass if ever tried smoking pot. I think that’s when I finally started to realize that all the rules we were taught to follow as a child actually is just a bunch of bullshit.

You grow up and come to the realization that everyone’s doing drugs and fucking people they shouldn’t whether it be for fun or to survive, they’re doing something they’ll lie about in the distant future. Pill poppers, dope smokers, and delusional nymphos just looking to medicate or find a cheap, quick thrill on their off day. Then more drugs to thrive on the workday. Caffeine, caffeine, caffeine, holy fuck what do you suppose the world would do without caffeine? It might fucking implode for all we know.

The fact is, the world is run by sex, drugs and political rock stars. The contradictions of our childhood subjects each and every one of us to leading the same hypocritical lifestyle our predecessors led. The inevitable hypocrisy of life explains why everyone will lead a life one day lying to their kids about their doings trying to set a good example for their offspring, but in the end the world remains fucked up.

No one has yet to deviate from the norm and successfully raise their kids. Yes, I know some people are awesome or turned out great and hey I turned out all right I think, but none of us were ever really raised correctly, almost everyone’s parents fuck up somewhere along the line at least once or twice. And until the the unspoken hypocritical oath that everyone seems to have taken up is broken, the world will remain a fucked up place filled with liars, pirates and thieves.



Author: TQS

Creator and Editor at stumpedwise.

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