Welcome to stumpedwise.

Hello, thanks for visiting, you filthy savages. We are a collective, expressing ourselves the only way we know how to. Through our writing. Here to share our various perceptions and stories about the creatures, events, misfits, and habitats that occupy and occur within our atmosphere every day. We are stumpedwise. You can either love us or hate us, there is no in-between, I’ll promise you that. Evoking emotion by revealing our own is what we aim to do, and I warn you now, some of the things on this site will not be for the faint of heart. You may find things very offensive and vulgar, or funny and uplifting. You may find some passages a little forlorn and upsetting, it really all depends on your interpretation of what we write. So, please browse at your own discretion, and thank you for being such a lazy waste of space. If you were more productive, there may be a chance you would have never stumbled upon this pointless website. Anyway, I thank you again for visiting, enjoy.


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