An Unsung Pleasure

Handjobs are such an underrated form of art. The only time I think people appreciate a good handjob is before they’ve had the delight of one’s mouth on their genitals. Young pubescent boys just exploding at the thought of a girl even looking below their wastes. A handjob was everything a 14 year old boy could ask for, while a blowjob was something you hear about in legends or your dads porn collection. Then the day comes where you find yourself face to face with destiny and some young innocent girl or boy is slobbing on your pecker like it’s a lollipop. Afterwards the thought of a mere handjob seems childish and petty.

Once a person is introduced to the art of fellatio, they forget about the sexual power that everyone possesses in their hands. A nice blowjob is awesome, please do not be mistaken, but a great handjob, now that is something you don’t get everyday. Not many people tend to give handjobs these days unless you ask, and when you do, they usually look at you like you’re in junior high.

Whatever happened to a little hands on action, you know? Sadly, there are very few people who have mastered the art, and a majority who pretend like its existence has made its way into extinction. A well executed handjob is one of the greatest delights humans can enjoy in my opinion and I’m not talking a casual stroke either. I’m talking an aggressive, savage jerking to the point where you’re unsure if your dick is about to get ripped off or not and you can careless because it just feels too damn good. The type of handjob that leaves you satisfied and drowsy afterwards, with your dick throbbing and palm prints engraved in it.

I’ll take that over a blowjob any day of the week and if you were smart you would too. Any old piece of tail can drop down, lube that piteous excuse for a penis up and start sucking, but only a true artist knows how conduct the perfect hand jammer. It really is an art form and if you don’t believe me it’s time you go get yourself a remarkable tug worth cumming for. The handjob takes more than just technique, it takes passion, and if you’re not passionate when you’re stroking that pecker, what the fuck are you stroking it for? Don’t waste a man’s time and remember, a nice yanking is greatly appreciated. Hopefully, one day people will realize that blowjobs aren’t all they’re cracked up to be.

I mean, hey, it’s quite thrilling looking down at some poor sap choking and gagging all over your hang down prior to shooting a fat load of gelatin in their eye, but the satisfaction gained at the climax of a stupefying handy is like nothing you’ve ever felt, especially when performed professionally. Truthfully, handjobs are an unsung pleasure in the bedroom and I believe one day, they will gain their rightful nobility among the other deviously joyous acts people dare to speak of.



Author: TQS

Creator and Editor at stumpedwise.

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