Price of Nothing

Low funding,
yet High in mind
Trace the footsteps in the snow
A subject of the object 
Just without comprehension. 
Yet that trail we trace, 
Ends somewhere under a rainbow, 
or perhaps a dark and damp road

"At what cost, is not the cost of what.
However, it must be nothing"

There is no idea finer
Except for the sign in the window, 
It was never on
But how ‘bout those odds
They bet to show.
the sign never went on

Another dark Friday, early in the morning
So let’s buy what could otherwise be stolen
“Is that why they’re all angry?”
“No, it’s the sanity that keeps them mad,
It’s the only reason they wait in line”

"So madness keeps us sane? 
There is no sense in that."
"Yes, but there is no cents when it comes to sense."

Ahh, Priceless
But why the lack of self- worth?
Well it's all worth while, don't ya think?
Something must be worth something, even if it's nothing

then what is priceless,
it's nothing
nothing but an idea
The concept for those in spirits, 
Who attempt to drown it all out.
Drown out the noise of that treacherous question? 
“Excuse me! Is this on sale?” 



Lube Your Manners

It’s been awhile since I posted some of my thoughts on this shitty, fucking
D grade website. Sadly, I have been so busy, there have not really been any good opportunities for me to share what has been on my mind recently and it has been a serious bother. If you want the complete truth, I spent a little too much time inside of the bottle over the past couple months, and while I spent that time surrounded in a liquid haze of spirits, there was unfortunately little writing to be done in my mind.

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Dear Diary…

Okay so, I found out that I cannot look at my sister sexually ever again. Father would be very, very upset if he were to hear I turned erect staring at Ivanka’s beautiful chest. Also,  I googled what to do and I found out about masturbation, the greatest thing I have ever come to experience in my 12 years. Oh and I should probably mention the pornography I discovered as well. Father loves boobs so I guess that’s probably why he allows them to be all over the internet. Boobs, boobs and more boobs, its like all you can look at boobs online. Land of the free and home of the boobs. I have to say that Stormy girl I have been seeing on the fake news every morning has got a great pair on her, I don’t understand what all the fuss is about. If I were in Fathers position I would have dove face first into those things. Mother’s just aren’t as big how could he not?  The fake news reporters get crazier everyday, why make up a story like that, touching boobs as nice as Stormy’s is an accomplishment. She is a porn star too, like go Father! I hope I can be just like him someday, touching boobs and making America as great as it can be.

Barron W. T.

April 4th, 2018

diary of a curious boy stuck in the middle.


Dear Diary…

I think I got my first erection today. I think that’s what they’re called right, that’s what they told us in health class. I do not know if it was weird or not because I got it when I caught a glimpse of my sister changing outfits. It seems she had mistakenly left her door open just a tad. I peered in when I was walking by because it was hard not to notice her big breasts were out. I had never seen boobs in person before besides my wet nurse. My mother’s body is too perfect to let breastfeeding have any negative effects. So father wouldn’t have it, he bought the wet nurse, but I don’t really remember that time. I really remember Ivankas boobs, it’s good she didn’t catch me staring. Wow, is it weird because she’s my older sister? I don’t care, I love boobs now. This erection is starting to hurt though will it ever go away? Is there something I can do about it, I noticed it feels nice when I touch and tickle it? I guess I’ll have to find out.

Barron W. T.

March 29th, 2018

diary of a curious boy stuck in the middle.


They say all the best people are…

Madness, or sanity? With each passing day, I find myself trying to determine how big the spectrum between them is, if it even exists for that matter. Am I crazy for wondering? Has my mind gone astray or am I among the small percentage of people that remain sane? Lost in thoughts of lunacy amidst a deranged society that has eliminated any concept of what sanity actually is. Perhaps the spectrum really is non-existent, and sanity is just a word made up by madmen to satisfy the fools living in denial.

The sane seem more like mystical creatures from what I have found throughout this adventure. We’re living in a world ruled by covetous narcissistic psycho and sociopaths, posing as fucking role models, how can one maintain a stable mindset in a reality crafted by such lunatics? Continue reading “They say all the best people are…”

You Can’t Win

You can’t win
You just can’t win,
no matter what you do
Jack Black said it once, he had a clue
How can you win if you’re always gonna lose?
its the why life goes you have to understand
there’s gigantic mountains, there’s deep quick sand
but don’t fight, or you’ll only make it worse
you must learn to let go of that purse
the person stealing it probably needs it more anyway
but hey,
at least you’re still alive, so why complain?
because of how you lost instead of gained?
you have to remember that you just can’t win
Once you do, your life will begin