engulf yourself in alcohol,
as we let the acrimony consume us all
and follow me into the flames
in preparation for this life to fade
we’ll wade through the river styx,
and yet the deity is out of mind
we can float on burnt crucifix,
false hopes and dreams,
they will burn as well
but happily passing with a smile
the time will come,
and we’ll love this hell



True Romance: A Chivalrous Fiction

Chivalry has to be dead, it just has to be, and true romance, does it even exist? There is no candlelit dinners and walks on the beach while the sun sets anymore. Where’s the love and happiness in life these days? Everyone just wants a quick suck and fuck, jumping straight to the scandalous acts of cum guzzling and salad tossing. Why waste any time though right? Might as well just get right to it, we are going to die sooner rather than later anyway, and if Tinder exists, put it to good use. No one cares for one another any more, and a successful marriage? I don’t think I was even alive to grasp the concept of what that may have been like, if it even existed at one point.
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Dear Diary…

Okay so, I found out that I cannot look at my sister sexually ever again. Father would be very, very upset if he were to hear I turned erect staring at Ivanka’s beautiful chest. Also,  I googled what to do and I found out about masturbation, the greatest thing I have ever come to experience in my 12 years. Oh and I should probably mention the pornography I discovered as well. Father loves boobs so I guess that’s probably why he allows them to be all over the internet. Boobs, boobs and more boobs, its like all you can look at boobs online. Land of the free and home of the boobs. I have to say that Stormy girl I have been seeing on the fake news every morning has got a great pair on her, I don’t understand what all the fuss is about. If I were in Fathers position I would have dove face first into those things. Mother’s just aren’t as big how could he not?  The fake news reporters get crazier everyday, why make up a story like that, touching boobs as nice as Stormy’s is an accomplishment. She is a porn star too, like go Father! I hope I can be just like him someday, touching boobs and making America as great as it can be.

Barron W. T.

April 4th, 2018

diary of a curious boy stuck in the middle.