True Romance: A Chivalrous Fiction

Chivalry has to be dead, it just has to be, and true romance, does it even exist? There is no candlelit dinners and walks on the beach while the sun sets anymore. Where’s the love and happiness in life these days? Everyone just wants a quick suck and fuck, jumping straight to the scandalous acts of cum guzzling and salad tossing. Why waste any time though right? Might as well just get right to it, we are going to die sooner rather than later anyway, and if Tinder exists, put it to good use. No one cares for one another any more, and a successful marriage? I don’t think I was even alive to grasp the concept of what that may have been like, if it even existed at one point.

Athletes, cultural icons, leaders, parents, teachers, and all the crazies in between are guilty of driving chivalry and romance to its bitter demise. How is anyone supposed to make any sense of what love actually is? We have role models who glamorize their inability to maintain a stable relationship with those they claim to be compatible with. Love and romance are perhaps nothing, nothing at all, only holding any sort of relevance in fairy tales and movies. I mean, if love existed maybe Tristan Thompson would have realized that staying loyal to a psychotic and spoiled TV personality is everything he dreamed it would be. Unfortunately, it seems he probably came to the conclusion he was in over his head with those cum shots that were let loose last year. Then we have movie conglomerates falling apart because the faces of the company can’t hold a soft dick long enough to finish a project and get paid, despite being married with children. Ironically, most of these professional satyromaniacs are responsible for the movies that paint a picture of what love is supposed to be like. Along with those scumbags, there are all the politicians that are in charge of our lives, getting wrapped up in different scandals every other week. From Alabama senators allegedly trying to fuck kids to the newly accused Missouri Governor, coercing women into god knows what because his wife was tired of his petite penis. The list of acts erasing any notion of what chivalry might have been like is endless and from my own experience I have yet to see what true romance is. Being raised in a house consisting of all female bodies, as the only boy, I always liked to think I had a slight idea of how to act chivalrous. Growing up, I often was exposed to the romantic films and chick flicks that define love in cinema, convinced that true romance might be a relative concept lost somewhere in this dystopian paradise. Later on in life, I recognized Romeo and Juliet, or Peter Pan as just stories, written to appease the average person and stimulate their imagination for a short while so they could escape this reality with the thought of romance. Yet, I have found myself among the majority, happily trapped with the imagination of what I think true love is, and recently I have chivalrously spent less time trying to break out.



Author: TQS

Creator and Editor at stumpedwise.

3 thoughts on “True Romance: A Chivalrous Fiction”

  1. Chivalrous ideals can still survive. We have a happy marriage of well over 50 years, both kids married and stayed that way, and their kids are in or seem headed for stable relationships.


    1. Well then it seems you raised good people but sadly, that isn’t the case with most relationships nowadays. Hopefully your kin will help the chivalrous continue to survive.

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