This wall,
this Fence,
and barbed-wire;
May keep me contained,
but my eyes can wander
way beyond
any fortress.

The sun escapes
the sky, and dips
behind the trees.
and peacocks
catch what light
can fight through leaves.
I can only see them
against the hand of god,
which stretches out to me
In a pantomime of
violets, yellows, and blues.

This wall,
this Fence,
and barbed-wire;
May keep me contained,
but, my hope and
my imagination
cannot be restricted
by the thin window
of a cell.




Timmy and I were drinking all night
When we came across three girls under a street light
They invited us over, and off we went
Timmy and I were totally spent
But, they were three
And, we were two
So I buk one, and Timbuktu


Faked Out and Fooled

Thoughts twisted and mind numb
Am I too smart?
Or am I too dumb?

Running on the track loosing your pace
The inside lanes the shortest
but your still falling behind in the race
Ya feel like giving up?
Pourin the wine to the top of your cup
and savin the energy for another day
But question the efforts
Where your intentions true?
Or did you try to be nimble?
Did you try to be slick?
But you fell face first over the candlestick
And landed in between the dragon and his wrath
Following in the footsteps of societies path
This wholesale realization might bring you down
Or make your heart pound
But what do we do when these thoughts come around?
Do we face it?
Or do we fold?
Do we ask the dealer for another hit?
Or do we hold?
Because at Adam and Eves table
Three aces stare you in the face
And you remember the day you fell behind in the race
Throw your cards down in the midst of the rush
But the guy sitting next to you got dealt a royal flush
You were faked out and fooled
By the expectation
You were faked out and fooled
By the temptation
You were faked out and fooled
By the sensation
You were faked out fooled
Through the combination

Your thoughts become twisted and your mind goes numb
You’re left there thinking
Am I too smart?
Or am i too dumb?