Howdy, Fuckers

bayou maintenanceGreetings and welcome to stumpedwise., a reality, ceasing to exist. This is a collective, posting their thoughts and perceptions on life. From current events, to movies, music and personal narratives. We will have it all. Even if you’re a simpleton who doesn’t fancy a nice read,  there will be a gallery to satisfy that pathetic brain of yours. Also, my apologies for the website. It is still very underdeveloped and within the next two months or so, I am hoping to be finished with it for mine and everyone’s enjoyment.  The show must go on though, so posts will still be up regularly (check recent posts) a few times a week and eventually a few times everyday. Until then please just bear with me, trying to balance this hobby with work and school is not an easy task, believe me, there would be much, much more on here if it was.  This message is a test for the homepage, which will be updated further within the next few days or so, I just have to figure out how I’m going to draw you suckers in. All in all, thanks for visiting and if you’re reading, you deserve to go grab yourself some glorified fellatio on me.